Whites also deserve land

Namibian Sun By ELVIS MURARANGANDA 12 March 2015

Whites also deserve land - Geingob

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Incoming president Hage Geingob says third generation whites are also Namibian, and deserve land just like everyone else.
Geingob made the remarks yesterday during a live televised media briefing, where he announced the vice-president, prime minister and deputy prime minister in his incoming Cabinet.
“There seems to be a deliberate misunderstanding created, which is that the land issue is a generational one. It is not, it is everyone’s issue. Third generations whites are Namibians just like every other Namibian and are equally entitled to land. This is indicative of the reality of Namibia.
He was responding to a question about the so-called Affirmative Repositioning campaign, which has seen mass land applications taking place across the country.
Three Swapo youth politicians Job Amupanda, Dimbulukeni Nauyoma and George Kambala are being have been suspended by the party and disciplinary action is pending.
Geingob advised that the land issue must be addressed peacefully and legally.
“People cannot just occupy land. We all need land, food and shelter - all of which costs money. Let’s be systematic and not break laws.
According to him, Illegal methods can’t be allowed.
Geingob also explained that he bought his farm and did not acquire it through other means.
“I was born under a tree with no village. I bought a farm in the area where I was born so that I can have a place I can call home. I didn’t grab land.
Amupanda, Nauyoma and Kambala were first suspended by the Swapo top four last year, after they illegally occupied a Kleine Kuppe plot.
This decision was endorsed by the party’s politburo recently.

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