As the name suggests Land Owners Association of Namibia ("LOAN") concerns all title deed holders of agricultural land which includes lodges and hunting farms.

Property rights are entrenched in the Namibian Constitution in article 16 (1) which cannot be changed even by 100% consensus(agreement) in parliament: our Constitution states in article 16(1) that "any person is entitled to acquire, own and dispose of his property, individually or in association with others, and ... any person is entitled to bequeath his property" freely to whom he wants to.

The Agricultural (Commercial) Land Reform Act of 1995 has since its promulgation/inception progressively been trampling on these rights.

As individual land owners you are exposed to the actions of Government as has been proven once again by the latest amendment to Act 1 of 2014 placing inheritance of land in total confusion and completely eradicating any possible form of market related sales or market value.

The Constitution as the supreme law of Namibia empowers the courts to review and even to declare invalid Acts of Parliament in conflict with the fundamental rights as entrenched in Chapter 3 of the constitution.

Due to the immense costs involved in defending your fundamental constitutional rights, access to legal regress is effectively restricted.

The need for LOAN was born out of the well-known Land Tax saga where it became clear that no structure exists to assist the land owner in enforcing his constitutional rights.

LOAN's goal is to generate financial resources to enable participation in the land reform negotiation process and even to test legislation on land ownership in a court of law, thus helping to secure and safeguard the constitutional rights of all Namibian land owners.


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